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worldIn recent years there has been a significant increase in web applications being used to run businesses in place of the standard desktop application. With the standardization of the web protocols it is now feasible to develop applications that will work across the browser boundary.

The market's movement toward web applications is more than a trend, it makes sense. Utilizing the full capabilities of the .NET framework allows developers to use the same code base for a desktop application or a web application to provide the same business functionality with a different user-interface experience to the end-user. Notable advantages of using web based applications are:

  • Centralized Application Management. The web application is deployed on the webserver(s) which eliminates the need to update software on individual workstations.
  • High Availability. Failover, clustered, and off-site hosted servers will ensure your application is always available.
  • Minimal Workstation Requirements. You only need a desktop with a modern browser to get started.
  • Accessibility. Choose whether you want the application available on your LAN or to be published on the internet.

We offer both website development and maintenance as part of our comprehensive custom software development package. If you have an existing site and are looking to add on, or want a new site built from the ground up then contact us to get your project started today.