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A gas pipeline approached us develop a custom software application for their business. The pipeline started in Texas and ended in North Carolina and shipped HVLS (highly volatile liquids) such as butane or propane. Energy companies would inject product in the pipeline in one state, such as Texas, then would pull the product off in another state, such as North Carolina. The software needed to communicate with meters used on the pipeline to track how much product they were injecting and removing, where the transfers were taking place, what trucks were moving the product, and report on these metrics.

Apex designed a system which integrated with product meters, recorded amounts of product moved, and type of product on the pipeline. The pipeline company itself is not an energy company and conducted business by charging based on the quality, distance, quantity, a product was moved. As product was injected if it failed to meet quality standards for liquids the flow was reversed and the pipeline would purge the product and the software handled these adjustments. With the meter data stored in the Microsoft SQL Server by the application we were able to provide reports for product movement on the line by injector, truck movement reports, and forecasting based on previous data and current product movement.

A complex task of tracking product movement was simplified and automated. The manual spreadsheet way for tracking was retired in favor of the custom software delivered by Apex. Having the data in a readily available format also allowed for many new reports to be generated that were previously never considered, but highly useful.