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Please browse through some of our current and past projects. folder

Impact: Intelligent reporting was delivered to customers. With the “set it and forget it” configuration of data access once the system was told how to integrate with other business systems reports can be generated by marketing, sales, and staffing departments without having to consult I.T. on rolling up data. Read More

Challenge: A commodities broker contacted us to review their business’ IT infrastructure which they found inefficient and time consuming. They brokered deals on agricultural products shipped on railways throughout the United States by finding buyers and sellers. Read More

Impact: Labor could be reassigned from handling payments to other areas of the business, in effect reducing overhead and increasing productivity. The custom software solution was carefully designed where the payment mechanism was a business object so it could grow to meet the needs of a growing market. Read More

Challenge: SenSource Inc needed custom software package capable of configuring environmental sensing equipment over TCP/IP and RS232 serial ports. Additionally the sensory readings recorded by the device were valuable for reporting and had to be stored in a database. Read More

Solution: Apex was brought in to design and develop a custom software system that would meet the challenges at hand. To outline the capabilities of the system we will start at the beginning of the manufacturing – the sale. Read More

Solution: Apex designed a system which integrated with product meters, recorded amounts of product moved, and type of product on the pipeline. The pipeline company itself is not an energy company and conducted business by charging based on the quality, distance, quantity, a product was moved. Read More

Challenge: A global food distributor hosts an annual food show where vendors set up booths and buyers attend to sample products and make orders for their business. A custom software solution was needed to help run the food show smoothly from start to finish. Hundreds of vendors and buyers attend the show ordering millions of dollars in products so the show requires high availability applications and minimal user input time. Read More