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A commodities broker contacted us to review their business’ IT infrastructure which they found inefficient and time consuming. They brokered deals on agricultural products shipped on railways throughout the United States by finding buyers and sellers. As an example: when cotton is harvested and shipped off as raw materials for the textile industry they remove the seeds from the cotton and need to dispose of them. In this case the broker would negotiate a contract between the manufacturer and say, a farmer, who could use the seed as feed for livestock. This is a very unique line of business and software on the market could not be located for handling the shipping contracts, railway schedules, truck deliveries, and payment information to meet their needs.

We reviewed the customer’s needs and developed a custom software solution to meet their needs. Apex Software has extensive experience in developing these types of applications because fundamentally it is the same as many other industries except the product, vendor, and purchasers have different titles. Our system tracked the contracts and shipping schedules which typically ran for many months requiring accurate information be recorded along the way.

The application saved hours of contract entry and enabled accurate reporting. Previously each contract was a new file and required contact information of the purchaser to be re-entered but now existing contacts were re-used. The overhead saved was directed to marketing and expanding the business.