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To compliment an existing software suite SenSource Inc needed a product that would integrate existing environmental sensing data with other autonomous business systems. BI fundamentally requires integrating a variety of systems to gather information you need to run your business effectively, you cannot make informed decisions by looking at each system individually. The new software needed to be capable of connecting to Point-Of-Sale data, time clock systems, HR systems, and other staffing systems. Specifically with people counting staffing levels could be compared with foot traffic, conversion ratios could be calculated, distributed average sales, or determining a duration of how long people remained in the store by looking at foot traffic versus when sales were record.

With the project requiring generic systems integration of any format or data type we proceeded with a .NET custom software application. The support for data access with the .NET framework is paramount to any other data access method on the market today, so it was naturally the most logical and cost effective approach. The software suite consists of a desktop application and an agent for processing a schedule for automated reports. The application allowed for users to define ODBC, OleDb, Native SQL, or Oracle connectors and provide queries for data access. In taking this approach we were able to support 100% of databases that had a driver published for Windows. The reports were customizable at run time and allowed saving, scheduling, exporting, and emailing. A dashboard included in the desktop application gives you performance metrics you need to examine business health from the moment you log in.

Intelligent reporting was delivered to customers. With the “set it and forget it” configuration of data access once the system was told how to integrate with other business systems reports can be generated by marketing, sales, and staffing departments without having to consult I.T. on rolling up data.

Here is what Joe Varacalli, President and Co-Founder of SenSource Inc, had to say about the product:

"A company that launches a marketing campaign and realizes a 10% increase in sales, they consider that a success but they fail to realize that their actual customer traffic increased by 35%. If they would have increased staff they could have captured more sales but since they didn't count traffic they never knew what they missed. They can also evaluate their staff levels and their staff performance by measuring specific times of traffic during specific times of the day, and comparing that to people that are actually clocked in during that time."