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reportOccasionally you may need a report that contains information from two autonomous I.T. systems and you need advice on how to build a bridge between them. Of course you have the usual suspects when approaching this task such as Whitehill Layout Designer, Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, and Microsoft Excel but they might not be enough. A fundamental part of our business is reporting on data, even from other systems. We deliver reports that are ready to run out of the box to your specifications. If you want an interactive report in the form of a grid, a spreadsheet, or a hard copy, our standard approach will satisfy all of these criteria. We realize individuals analyze data differently, and the same set of data can be rolled up differently to calculate the metrics you need to grow your business. It has always been our philosophy to provide this data to you in a comfortable and manageable format.

Whether you want to chart, plot, list, or associate the data we will deliver your solution.

Custom Data Management Software Analysis PDF Custom Data Management Software Analysis XPS
We have published a business analysis of the savings impact from our custom data management system.