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basketApex Software has designed a number of e-Commerce solutions to meet the needs of businesses. Our e-Commerce web applications have processed thousands of transactions totaling millions of dollars without having someone on the other end processing sales. Our solutions provide an aesthetically superb user experience while integrating tightly with business revenue systems on the back end to support enterprise applications.

E-Commerce is commonly thought of as a shopping cart solution and it is, but it extends far beyond that. An e-Commerce portal can assist with commercial debt collections, service collections, or any other reason where money changes hands between a supplier and a consumer. We provide secure solutions to broker these transactions including SSL Security between your site and the payment gateway; additionally the data is stored in a secure and encrypted format on the back end to ensure consumer confidence.

E-Commerce Solutions provide and extend:

  • Catalogs
  • Commercial Debt Collections
  • CRM Systems
  • Invoice Payments
  • Online Catalogs
  • Paid Content
  • Shopping Carts
  • Subscription Management

Visit our e-Commerce Partner Page and we have published a white paper outlining the added value a business receives from online payment processing.