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A significant challenge businesses still face today in the information age is availability to business documentation. This includes past invoices, legal documents, contracts, proposals, or anything you read on paper. Over time the accumulation of documents will overrun a filing room and they will be moved to offsite storage. This process costs your business money all along the way: boxing up documents, paying for storage, paying for retrieval, and slower turnaround time in being able to provide information.

Apex Software designs and implements document management systems specifically to meet your needs. The legal industry retains large amounts of documents and forms on site and they may require an RFID document system to locate forms around the office, but they also may need document imaging to retain client and court correspondences.

Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS) is an enterprise solution for document management. Whether your needs are collaborative document technologies, imaging, retention, web based or desktop based; it will rise to the challenge and provide you with the information you need:

  • Document Management:
    We provide enterprise solutions for document management, searching, and change history.
  • Workflow:
    Documents stored in a management system improves business workflow by tracking document relations as projects progress from proposals, to contracts, project documentation, then revenue.
  • Bar-Coding:
    Our document technologies are capable of optically recognizing barcodes in scanned documents keeping overhead low for barcode processing. Read more about bar-coding solutions.
  • Collaboration:
    Management systems also provide another way of managing content. The content for Wikis, Blogs, and Websites can all be managed on the back end giving users a more convenient choice for modifying online content.
  • Business Intelligence:
    Data-based document storage of files allows you to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to report on your business. It also provides managerial access to Excel Spreadsheets and other office documents without requesting information from office staff.
  • Forms:
    Work orders, court forms, resumes, and financial forms can be stored and categorized for easy retrieval. This is especially to benefit to the legal industry in archiving court forms for each circuit municipality.

Custom Document Management Software Analysis PDF Custom Document Management Software Analysis XPS
We have published a business analysis of the savings impact from our custom document management system.