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data When migrating to a new software system a common challenge companies will face is how to get the data from the old system to the new system. We will work with the software vendor to establish data maps and provide it in the required format per their specifications. This is often a rather complicated process that we simplify for both the customer and vendor by documenting the conversion maps between the systems and making the low level details easy to understand.

Some of the supported systems are:

  • BTrieve
  • dBase
  • CSV
  • Firebird
  • Flat Files
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Pervasive SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Anywhere

If the data you have is not one of the formats that we have listed then feel free to contact us so we can evaluate your situation. Often times we can extract data from the raw files if it is a proprietary system without using the vendor's database drivers.