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For over 15 years Apex Software has been providing top quality custom software and IT support for our customers.

We are a privately held company and have been based in Atlanta, GA since 1991.

We have a specialized skill set in designing Windows .NET Form Applications and ASP.NET Web Applications with Microsoft SQL Server back-ends for high availability data access. Consultation and development services are also offered for general website design services.

A unique aspect of solutions we provide is systems integration. With few exceptions most projects require sharing data between one or more systems in a real-time manner. A common example of this would be integration with CRM systems to share a common customer and contact database, to reduce possible keying errors, and eliminate the need for duplicate data entry. We will work directly with vendors, or in house, to engineer solutions that fit your needs. Contact us for your custom software needs today.

peoplePeople and technology are both our greatest assets and business base. We enjoy closely working with clients in developing solutions. From the start of any project we deploy the software at milestone phases ensuring the client has ample time to review and provide feedback for their solution.